Yaoyorozu-ING creates and delivers bespoke planning and creative services to build sustainable businesses and communities.

Our work includes:
・ research and analysis
・ concepts and designs for sustainable businesses   and communities
・ tools and programmes for sustainable
・ communication and promotion
  (Japanese and English)

Japanese traditions in tune with the values of Yaoyorozu-no-kami – the god that inhibits all things natural - are our inspiration and guiding principles. They come to us from our Japanese ancestors and inspired us after the 3.11 disaster in Japan. This came as a wake-up call to recover the special Japanese relationship between humans and nature - a view of humanity as a part of nature that is at the root of Japanese aesthetics and which is seen in the thinking behind Yaoyorozu-no-kami.

It was a sense of being central to Japanese culture and it allowed the Japanese to create businesses

and communities that were unique, innovative, and yet still competitive. And, most importantly, being a part of nature, traditional Japanese civilisation embraced from the start what humankind seeks today: nature’s blessings of diversity and sustainability.

We start by looking at the client’s individual qualities and assets. By making use of Japanese aesthetics and by looking at the global and local markets, business, community and social needs, we then build unique strategies and plans for the client to achieve sustainable prosperity. Our solutions draw on qualities the client has, develop assets and turn differences to strengths. By doing so we help clients develop their long term success. Our ideas will always be sustainable and paths to long-lasting prosperity – key features of Japanese society when Japanese used to “innovate as a part of nature”. We release towns and businesses from the limitations of the traditional growth models and show a path to a better future - a yaoyorozu-ING future.

Yaoyorozu-ING Company Co., Ltd.

Our work

Yaoyorozu-ING creates and delivers bespoke
planning and creative services to build sustainable
businesses and communities


5-9-13 Zaimokuza, Kamakura,
Kanagawa 248-0013, JAPAN


Who we are


Amie Nagano, PhD (Managing Director)
Kengo Kuma, PhD


Graham Davis
Dan Slater
Kazuhiko Shindo